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Logicality provides technology and data services and leadership across multiple clients and industries. Covering multiple services Logicality can spearhead digital transformation initiatives that empower businesses to thrive in today's dynamic technology landscape. Always taking a pragmatic approach to creating new revenue streams and products.

Steve Ayres

Managing Director (and everything else)
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Steve (Logicality) is a highly experienced technology, data leader, engineer and BI consultant

With over 25 years experience, Logicality can help you with many of your Microsoft and Google technology projects, implementations and challenges. What's different? Rather than stopping at designing a great solution, Logicality has the experience to get it into production for you, working with your team or stand-alone.

Logicality | Azure Solutions Architect
Microsoft | Azure Solution Expert
Logicality | Azure Power Platfom Architect
Microsoft | Dynamics 365 CRM & Power Platform Expert
Microsoft | Data Management & Analytics Expert
Logicality | MCSE Data Management
Microsoft | BI & Reporting Associate
Logicality | MCSA BI Reporting
Logicality | MCSA SQL Server Reporting
Microsoft | SQL Server On-Prem Associate
Logicality | GCP Data Engineer
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Google Professional Data Engineer
Logicality | Big Data Word Cloud
Logicality | Blue Dots Outline

What Logicality offer!

Logicality | Leadership & Strategy

Leadership & Strategy

It is invaluable to have someone who can champion and develop technology whilst communicating with technical and business stakeholders effectively. The ideas archive is littered with failed strategies with all the right ingredients but nothing to bind them together. As well as providing a boatload of technical knowledge, Logicality can help build and deliver data and technology strategies (or projects) that focus on long-term value.

Logicality | Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

Putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time can sometimes be a challenge. Good BI should make that (and more) a breeze, but there are many challenges along the way. Are data well structured, and do you have the right tools? What about data cataloguing and the right level of data literacy within the business to maximise the output?

Logicality | AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Extract meaning and develop understanding from your own or external data. Create prediction or anomaly models to drive actionable insight or integrate text and image understanding to classify, link and group. Whether you want to develop complex custom models or integrate with third-party machine learning services to solve business problems, Logicality can help, and it’s more accessible than you might think!


Technology and data solutions that focus on business value


Technology is a massive enabler for business, but it can also be a black hole. Many technology consultants (especially the smaller ones) provide outstanding technical solutions but often fail to ensure the critical component; business value. Logicality will always ascertain this first because if there is no business value, you’ve failed, no matter how good the technology is! Realism and pragmatism are just as crucial as technical perfection.

Logicality | Engineering
Logicality | Web Hosting
Logicality | BI & Analytics

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Results that speak for themselves

Logicality | World Textile Information Network (WTiN)

“Steve has been instrumental in taking WTiN from a traditional business publisher to a fully-fledged intelligence provider with strong data assets, modern cloud architecture and a first-class subscriber platform. Via Logicality, Steve continues to add significant value to our business and works alongside our in-house technology team to develop our industry-leading AI-driven data products.”

Mark Jarvis | Managing Director | World Textile Information Network (WTiN)
Mark Jarvis
Logicality | AP Pension

“I worked with Steve in Austin, Texas. I’ve worked with many technology and business professionals, but I have never met someone with such an acute knowledge of data and it's relationship with business value. Within 15 minutes of arriving straight from the airport he was showing our team how to do things better!”

Sandra Metoyer | AP Pension
Sandra Metoyer
Head of Responsible Investments @ AP Pension