Steve Ayres

Steve is an experienced technology professional, focusing primarily on the leadership and implementation of data, BI, machine learning and associated technologies; he has over 25 years of industry experience. Focused on helping businesses gain competitive advantage from technology and data, he is at the forefront of designing and implementing modern cloud-based strategies to deliver significant business change. Steve has considerable experience building designing and architecting solutions through development and into production; providing an end-to-end approach and has numerous vendor certifications and a Masters degree in statistics.

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Logicality | Azure Solutions Architect
Microsoft | Azure Solution Expert
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Microsoft | Dynamics 365 CRM & Power Platform Expert
Microsoft | Data Management & Analytics Expert
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Microsoft | BI & Reporting Associate
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Microsoft | SQL Server On-Prem Associate
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Google Professional Data Engineer

£50 was a lot of money all those years ago!


Approximately 35 years ago, I wrote my first database. A few years later, I wrote another and got paid for it! £50! Clearly, I'd hit the big time! Since then, I've worked in multiple sectors, across many technologies and all around the world. All the time, working with and for companies (large and small) to help better their technology and data outcomes.

We all know how powerful data has become, but the tricky bit can be getting the right data, in front of the right people, at the right time and delivered in the right way. Logicality was born out of those years of experience; years of making things happen for businesses, adding value, driving innovation and making processes more efficient and effective. But, as you can imagine, I've been through the pain, as well as glory along the way; there are many ways to solve a problem, but there are even more ways to not solve it!

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Diversity, let's embrace it.

I like smooth pasta sauce, and maybe you like chunky? Which one is better? Neither, of course! Sure someone might argue that one is more authentic, but what does that matter if you prefer the other? That’s diversity, and technology solutions are no different. Never have a preconceived idea of the solution; you need to understand all the variables. So who wants chunky pasta sauce if they prefer smooth? Nobody! By the way, smooth is better!


Technology for business sake.

Technology for technology's sake is an interesting exercise. It pushes the boundaries of the possible, opens avenues of thinking and (if you are a techie) satisfies curiosity. However, the real value of technology is its ability to deliver benefits. Companies and people invest in technology to meet a need or solve a problem. If you don't have a problem statement in the first place, you should, but even worse is if you are building something that doesn't address a statement! So drive that business outcome at all costs!


Maximise the build. Use it, share it.

I'm guessing most people have something in their wardrobe that they've never worn (some more than others, I'm sure). What a waste of money that is! It was also a waste of the time you spent finding and buying it. In the same way, what's the point of building technology and collecting data that sits in the back of the wardrobe. They are both there to be reused, shared and maximised to their fullest potential. Design so they can be, and don't assume that because you think that shirt is great that everyone else will!


Flexibility, simplicity and speed.

Modern organisations constantly need to adapt to an ever-changing environment, requiring continuous innovation in products, services, and practices. Solutions need to be flexible, reusable, as simple as possible and fast. Spend time planning for these critical attributes; otherwise, scopes will creep, and solutions grow organically into a monster that eats time and money.


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