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Logicality can help you with all these services, and more. If you're not sure whether your project, development or challenge fits into any of the below, get in touch and we can soon talk it through.

Logicality | Leadership & Strategy

Leadership & Strategy

It is invaluable to have someone who can champion and develop technology whilst communicating with technical and business stakeholders effectively. The ideas archive is littered with failed strategies with all the right ingredients but nothing to bind them together. As well as providing a boatload of technical knowledge, Logicality can help build and deliver data and technology strategies (or projects) that focus on long-term value.

Logicality | Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

Putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time can sometimes be a challenge. Good BI should make that (and more) a breeze, but there are many challenges along the way. Are data well structured, and do you have the right tools? What about data cataloguing and the right level of data literacy within the business to maximise the output?

Logicality | AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Extract meaning and develop understanding from your own or external data. Create prediction or anomaly models to drive actionable insight or integrate text and image understanding to classify, link and group. Whether you want to develop complex custom models or integrate with third-party machine learning services to solve business problems, Logicality can help, and it’s more accessible than you might think!

Logicality | Data Engineering & Integration

Data Engineering & Integration

Data engineering wasn’t a ‘thing’ a few years ago; now, it’s everywhere. We all have more data, but how do we get it where we want it to be, create a central repository, enrich it on the way and reach the holy grail – a single source of the truth? ETL, ELT or any other random combination of three letters, right across the Microfot, Google (and others) product landscape.

Logicality | Data Governance & Security

Data Governance & Security

Data Governance is a fundamental part of security. It ensures that the right people have suitable access; while security makes sure that data is safe and locked down, a Data Governance program ensures that this safe data is accessible across the organization in a controlled manner. How can you strike the right balance between these critical considerations and enabling users?

Logicality | Visualisation


Visualise your data in slick and innovative ways and integrate outputs with your products. Power BI, Looker, Qlik and many visualisation libraries are all in the Logicality experience sphere. Visualisation isn’t just BI-related; do you want to integrate quality and interactive visualisations into your internal or customer-facing apps and solutions?

Logicality | Event-Driven Architecture

Event-Driven Architecture

Remember when the world nearly ended because Bob went on holiday, and then no one knew how to run the process? Event-driven architecture removes scheduling and batching, and things happen right when dependencies have finished. It’s quietly revolutionised how the Internet works; think parcel delivery notifications and ordering your favourite burger to be delivered by bicycle! Hooks in nicely with automation; do you need more events in your life?

Logicality | Data


Right from day dot Logicality has been manipulating and transforming data from the simplest to the most complex across many technologies and platforms. Big Data, real-time and streaming analytics are all the rage, and Logicality can help with them, but maybe you need a hand with some Excels?

Logicality | Automation


Doing it once manually is OK; doing it twice is inefficient and doing it three times is criminal. So if you have something that you feel could and should be automated, get in touch; it probably can be!

Logicality | Migrations


Whether it was one dusty server or five racks on cutting edge, deafening, overheating metal, we’ve all worked in offices with on-prem servers and equipment. But maybe you still do and want to migrate to the cloud? Whether office infreastructure, hosting or data, Logicality has the t-shirt.

Logicality | CRM


Most companies have some form of CRM implementation (even Logicality have!), but are you making the most of it? It should work for you and empower your team, not act as a ball and chain that sucks resources for no apparent gain. Logicality has extensive experience integrating and developing Microsoft Dynamics 365, HubSpot Sales, SAP Sales Cloud and more.

Logicality | Cloud Computing

Cloud Review

Are you making the most of what you have and doing so in the most cost-efficient manner. Call it an MOT, health-check, whatever you want, if you haven’t done one (or even better, asked Logicality to), maybe you are missing a trick.

Logicality | Web Development

Web Development

Logicality’s core skills are data, BI, machine learning, engineering and project management. We can’t all be masters of everything, and pure web development isn’t at the top of Logicality’s list. Want a good looking website to advertise your products and services, run a blog and incorporate some e-commerce? That’s certainly no problem, but if you want to build Amazon v2.0, that might be pushing it. That said, contacts are critical, and Logicality has them.


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